Promotion & Advocacy

How can you advocate for Go Bonds 2020? 

Get the word out to your communities by creating flyers and graphics.  Share them with us at

so that others can adapt and share with their users.

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What Can You Do?

Local Projects - Librarians, library staff and supporters are encouraged to develop local projects. Encourage your library board members and Friends groups to communicate their support for Bond 2 by writing letters and newspaper opinion columns and posting to social media.

Join the SIG, or a Subcommittee – The Bonds for Libraries SIG welcomes new members. You become a SIG member by joining NMLA and checking the box requesting to affiliate with the BfLSIG.

If you are a BfLSIG member you will be invited to attend general meetings, create methods of informational outreach, and propose creative new ways the BfLSIG may expand its communications to local communities. This could provide a great professional development opportunity for graduate students and new professionals.

Creative Local Marketing – Assist the SIG by educating your library patrons in creative ways. New Mexico libraries have deployed book displays, identified bond-funded computers and other technology, and used book plates to bring attention to the resources made available through Bond 2.

Share your Library Photos – Photos of your libraries, resources, services, staff and patrons are always welcome. They help the SIG promote the Bond via the website, and on social media. If you send photos to we will post them on our Bonds for Libraries website.

If we all work together we will have another successful Library GO Bond 2 election.

Please remember, absentee voting ballots will be mailed out approximately a month before the election. Early voting begins approximately three weeks before the election. We will post actual dates when they are available.

How to Advocate Legally

Guidelines for Municipal, Public School and Academic Library Employees


  • Dissemination of information only materials within city/school property or in one's official capacity as a public employee
  • Printing or copying information only materials using public funds or copiers
  • "Ask me about the library bond issue" buttons worn by staff on city/school property or when speaking in an official capacity as a public employee
  • Informing people about what the bond issue is, how it will impact the local library, and how much it will cost can be cone on government time
  • Bulletin board policies differ by organization, so check with your city, library, school, etc. first. You may post information only materials on the board if this does not conflict with local policy
  • Campaigning a short distance from the polling site
  • Friends of the Library can advocate, register to vote or otherwise promote the bond issue on city/school property, but they cannot block the business of the library

Not Legal or Unethical

  • Dissemination of materials that advocate voting for an issue on city/school property or in one's official capacity as a public employee
  • Printing up materials of any kind that advocate voting for an issue using public funds or copiers
  • "Vote for library bond issue" buttons worn by staff or when speaking in an official capacity as a public employee
  • Advocating people to vote for any issue while on government time
  • "Vote for" materials on city/school property
  • Using government emails to urge people to vote for an issue
  • Campaigning within 100 feet of the polling site
  • Any advocacy that blocks the business of the library including disturbing users. Not allowing opposing groups or other groups advocating an issue to have the same privileges as those advocating the library bond issue

Compiled by the NMLA Legislative and Intellectual Freedom Committee. Rev. 9/28/2012

How to Legally Advocate PDF

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