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Awards and Honors

Awards will be presented at the in-person 2024 NMLA Annual Conference. Call for Nominations will be announced during the summer months of 2024. 

NMLA has been giving awards since 1957 to honor those who have made an important contribution on behalf of New Mexico Libraries. NMLA presents these five awards each year at the NMLA Conference.  The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) may also give awards at the Conference.  They need to coordinate with the Awards Chair prior to the end of January to make sure information is included in the awards program and ceremony.

  • Community Achievement Award - this award is give to librarians (those certified or with a degree) for outstanding library service or achievement at the local level. Also may be given as NMLA's recognition of an award from another source that has enhanced the library, and to the entire library community; thus to a local, school, or academic librarian who has received a community, regional, or national honor.
  • Honorary Life Membership Award - NMLA's highest award is given to individuals for outstanding contributions to the purposes of NMLA, for constructive accomplishment rather than longevity, not limited to librarians, may be given to anyone for helping NMLA and/or libraries in New Mexico. Criteria: Significant contribution to NMLA and its activities throughout the library career. Scope of activity beyond own work location; achievements and contributions to NMLA growth are known within the library community, as well as being recognized by other persons or entities in New Mexico. Owing to limits on the number of Life Memberships, award may not be presented every year.  
  • Legislator of the Year Award - given to a New Mexico state legislator who has demonstrated leadership in the advancement of libraries throughout the state. Criteria: Notable legislative contribution to library funding, the issues of intellectual freedom, and/or access to library services.
  • New Mexico Library Amigo Award - given to an individual (friend, volunteer, trustee, board member, other citizen, or other non-certified personnel) whose work on behalf of the local library has resulted in significant progress and/or achievement for that library; or in recognition of work in the promotion of library service within the state.
  • New Mexico Library Leadership Award - given to librarians who have rendered outstanding service beyond the local community. Criteria: Notable contribution to the advancement of libraries within the state, known and recognized in more than one community. Contributions of a nature that bring recognition and/or enhance the image of libraries in general within New Mexico. Activities and efforts that have helped other librarians to improve their service capabilities.

    The Advocacy for School Libraries Special Interest Group (ASL-SIG) also presents two awards yearly at the NMLA Annual Conference. The Outstanding Elementary School Library and Outstanding Secondary School Library are chosen based on New Mexico Library Standards and include a cash prize. To make a nomination please see the Advocacy for School Libraries webpage or Outstanding Library Award Application.

    Past Award Recipients


    New Mexico Library Leadership Award- Angela Watkins

    Legislator of the Year Award - Kathleen M Cates

    Community Achievement Award-  Joseph McKenzie

    Community Achievement Award- Dennis Daily

    AMIGO Award- Matt Geisel

    NMCAL Librarian of the Year-  Barbara Lovato


    New Mexico Library Leadership Award- Samantha Villa

    Community Achievement Award- Angela Watkins

    AMIGO Award- Richard Gerding

    AMIGO Award - Elizabeth Martinez

    NMCAL Librarian of the Year-  Samantha Villa

    Honorary Life Membership Award- John Sandstrom


    New Mexico Library Leadership Award- Valerie Nye and Ruben Aragon

    Community Achievement Award- Bradley Carrington

    AMIGO Award- Pearl L. Tippin

    Legislator of the Year Award- Senator Benny Shendo, Jr.

    NMCAL Librarian of the Year- April Kent


    Community Service Award - Cynthia Aguilar

    Legislator of the Year Award ‐ Derrick J. Lente

    Library Amigo Award ‐ Melissa Carlisle

    New Mexico Library Leadership Award ‐ Melveta Walker

    NMCAL Librarian of the Year ‐ Poppy Johnson‐Renvall


    Legislator of the Year Award - Representative Gail Armstrong and Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino

    New Mexico Library Amigo Award - Shel Neymark

    New Mexico Library Leadership Award goes - Lynette Schurdevin


    New Mexico Library Amigo Award was presented to Debbie Myers, Capitan Public Library volunteer for her work on behalf of the Capitan Library.

    New Mexico Legislator of the Year was presented to Representative Candie G. Sweetser for her support of the statewide Broadband Initiative legislation.

    Community Achievement was presented to Cheryl Volosin, children’s librarian from Ruidoso Public Library for her outstanding library service and programming for children and family of Ruidoso.

    NM Library Leadership was presented to Joseph Sabatini, NMLA Legislative co-chair, for his ongoing support and work for the libraries in New Mexico, including but not limited to the State General Obligation bond resolutions, Library Legislative Day, and historical knowledge of the libraries in New Mexico.


    Honorary Life Membership - Jackie Dean


    Library Amigo - Mary Harron

    Community Achievement - Pat Garrett

    Legislator of the Year - Don Tripp


    Library Leadership Award presented to Lorie Mitchell, Carlsbad High School, by Linda Keulen, Millie Walters, Lynette Schurdevin


    Legislator of the year - Senator William Soules

    NM Library Leadership - Paulita Aguilar

    Academic Librarian of the Year - Peg Johnson

    Community Achievement - Julia Clarke

    NMLA Amigo - Saundra Lanning

    Honorary Life Membership - Tina Glatz


    The Advocacy for School Libraries Special Interest Group (ASL-SIG) is proud to announce the 2013 Outstanding Elementary and Secondary Libraries of the Year Award.

    Josh Benjamin, from E.G. Ross Elementary in Albuquerque, is the recipient of the Outstanding Elementary School Library Award. Josh’s commitment to his students and school community is evident in the way he empowers his students to take ownership of their library, seeks out additional funding opportunities, and develops engaging lessons. Josh says his goal is three-fold: to turn students into lifelong readers who enjoy books and the act of reading, to create positive experiences of the library, and to teach the importance of libraries while maintaining a high level of enjoyment during the time students are in the library. Congratulations, Josh!

    Margie Sartin, from Piedra Vista High School in Farmington, is the recipient of the Outstanding Secondary School Library Award. Margie has overcome challenges because of the remote nature of her school and has built a virtual presence to combat the distances. A special program she developed included re-enacting a Navajo Code Talker transmission between schools in her area. One of Margie’s goals is to continually increase the electronic resources available to her staff and students. Congratulations, Margie!

    The New Mexico Library Association is proud to announce the 2013 winners in two special categories. Heather Dahl, from Eldorado High School in Albuquerque, is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Leadership Award. As past chair of the Advocacy for School Libraries Special Interest Group, Heather advocated for all school libraries at the state legislature and coordinated professional development opportunities for libraries around the state. Nationally, she was recognized for her excellence with an American Association of School Librarians Vision Award, and is active in the Young Adult Library Services Association. She is a frequent presenter at library conferences and is tireless in her pursuit of excellence. Congratulations, Heather!

    Sandy Crawford, a special volunteer with the Tularosa Public Library, is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Amigo Award. For the past 3 years, Sandy has done everything from helping with circulation to providing refreshments for activities to cleaning the library. Sandy gives 100% effort to everything she does and the Tularosa Public Library feels she is a true Amigo to them. Congratulations, Sandy!


    Academic Librarian of the Year, Presented by the NM Consortium of Academic Libraries: Melveta Walker, Golden Library ENMU-Portales: Ms. Walker has dedicated herself to NMCAL and its mission of providing the most up-to-date and cost effective resources to all students. She has worked tirelessly for many years meeting with all member institutions, researching, negotiating with vendors, and finalizing deals that have had, and continue to have, an enormously positive impact on student success.

    Honorary Life Membership Award: Elise Orell, Retired from the Albuquerque Public Schools: Ms. Orell has worked in elementary, middle and high school library settings, designing and inventing the position of library-teacher for all of us to emulate.

    She created material to share with library-teachers across the state to help guide their teaching of library standards, gather data on assessment of library skills, organize information for effective meetings with administrators, and to guide the process of national boards and dossiers.

    The greatest recent contribution of Elise was her initiative to lead the creation of the New Mexico Library Best Practices Guidance Document. She inspired librarians statewide to craft a document that represents 21st Century Teaching and Learning in the School Library, creating a wiki and listserv to continue the document's editing process which ultimately resulted in PED acknowledging this as an official state document and "Best Practices Guidance Document" to be linked on the PED website.

    Ms. Orell's contributions are making school librarianship a forward-thinking and dynamic profession.

    Legislator of the Year Award: Representative Henri "Kiki" Saavedra, NM House of Representatives, District 10: In his 18 years as State Representative, he has been a long time supporter of library funding and has included libraries in state General Obligation Bond issues. As chair of the House Appropriations and Finance committee, he recently questioned the continued inadequate funding of the New Mexico State Library. He has sponsored capital outlay funding for Los Padillas Elementary (2006), Eugene Field E.S., Bosque Farms E.S. and Albuquerque High (2007). Rio Grande High and Valencia High (2008), four Albuquerque Elementary Schools (2009) and Bosque Farms P.L. (2010).

    Library Amigo Award: Brian Fairhurst: Mr. Fairhurst, manager of two Target stores in Albuquerque, was selected by Target to organize an extreme library makeover in NM. Through his efforts Valley Vista Elementary was chosen for the REDesign Library Makeover Grant. They received 2000 new books, either computers, a flat screen TV and a blu-ray DVD player. In addition, every student who attended the school and their siblings received seven free books last September. Part of this renovation includes the Meals for Minds program in which once a month for nine months, each student receives 22 pounds of food coordinated through the Road Runner Food Bank and Target. Mr. Fairhurst oversaw every aspect of this project and organized volunteers to help. His dedication to education and literacy has made this extreme makeover possible.

    Library Leadership Award: Molly Molly, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces: Since 1992, Ms. Molloy has served as Latin American and Border Studies librarian providing, among her other regular duties, assistance to faculty and students with research on border issues and Latin American studies. She has been, and continues to be, an activist on border issues, tirelessly sharing information and seeking fairness and justice for those living in this area. She has developed web guides and created a Frontera email list which a Puerto Rican professor describes as "the most comprehensive up-to-date source of narco-related violence on the U.S.-Mexico border" for this purpose. She has collaborated on an award-winning documentary film that provides a first-hand account about the life of a hit man for the Juarez. This film was the basis for the book, El Sicario: The Autobiography of a Mexican Assassin, which Ms. Molloy translated and helped edit. She has made it her personal endeavor to track and document the daily murders in Ciudad Juarez. This list of the dead that she keeps signifies that someone cares enough to make sure these victims have a voice and that their deaths will not go unnoticed. She provides an invaluable service not only to today's border researchers but to those of the future.

    Outstanding Elementary School Library Award: Sarah Farrell, Librarian at Shining Stars Preschool in Rio Rancho: Sarah has been teaching for fifteen years, starting as a bilingual second grade teacher in California before moving to New Mexico to become bilingual coordinator at Colinas del Norte Elementary in Rio Rancho. She has also been working as Family Literacy Coordinator at Shining Stars Preschool, serving as librarian, bilingual teacher and family coordinator since the school opened seven years ago.

    Outstanding Secondary School Library Award: Laurie Lacy, Librarian and Cleveland Middle School in Albuquerque: Laurie has a BS in elementary education from UNM with a mid-level endorsement and is "highly qualified" in science, language arts, social studies and library media. She has been a teacher for thirteen years at Cleveland Middle School and school librarian for the past four years. She is a Title I/Parent Involvement Coordinator and an active member of the school's Instructional Council. She considers every day an opportunity to make a difference.


    Library Amigo Award: Louise Webb, Farmington Public Library

    Ms. Webb is the Farmington Public Library’s longest running community volunteer, serving for over 50 years in every position in every organization supporting the library. She served on the Library Friends Group, the Library’s Advisory Board, and is the founding member of the Farmington Public Library Foundation. She is credited with being the first to obtain moneys from San Juan County to support the library. She gave to her community believing that a great public library is essential for a great community. Every time the library’s funding waned, Ms. Webb worked tirelessly gathering community support and invested her time to be a constant force for this community’s library.

    Community Achievement Award: Margo Lamb, Las Cruces Public Schools

    Ms. Lamb was recently honored by the Las Cruces Public Schools Board of Education for her outstanding service in leadership and support for elementary and secondary school librarians in the district for the past 22 years. Ms. Lamb is very active in NMLA, serving as a member and committee chair for the ASL-SIG. She currently chairs the Land of Enchantment Book Award Committee as well as overseeing the Battle of the Books group for the Las Cruces Public Schools. She has worked closely with four administrative entities to open the official Branigan Community Branch Library at San Andres High School in Mesilla.

    Library Leadership Award: Linda Keulen, Roosevelt Middle School Library, Tijeras

    Ms. Keulen is always willing to help the ASL-SIG in whatever needs to be done— by volunteering, presenting for the northern New Mexico school librarians, being a leader for the Albuquerque Public Schools in-service day, etc. She maintains the blog for the ASL-SIG and leads their efforts to communicate on the blog and through the listserv. Ms. Keulen leads the SIG’s efforts to recognize and award school librarians each year. She is dedicated to getting things perfect and including all stakeholders in her library community. She motivates others with her honest work ethic, professional and personal integrity and ability to multi-task for the sake of all school librarians. She is a role model for every school librarian because she has made herself and the library an integral part of her school culture. She takes every opportunity to advocate for school librarians and recently advocated before an audience of school board members and administrative personnel.

    Legislator of the Year Award: Representative Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales, New Mexico House of Representatives, District 42

    Representative Gonzales has served as the state representative for District 42 since 1994 and has served 29 years as a Taos public schools educator and superintendent. He has dedicated his life to education including support for libraries. He has been a strong proponent for GO Bond B for libraries statewide, doing everything from writing letters to the local newspaper to supporting it in the Roundhouse. Additionally, he has become an advocate for effective school libraries through his work on the Legislative Education Study Committee. Representative Gonzales was instrumental in securing $100,000 in funding for the development of the assessment and architectural drawings for the Taos Public Library expansion. He has always been able to secure a spot on the agenda of the Science, Technology and Telecommunications Committee for the state to present to the committee. Because of Representative Gonzales’ help, the State Librarian, Susan Oberlander, and George Jaramillo, Taos Public Library Director, have secured this committee’s support for a grant application and for the broadband initiative proposed by Governor Richardson. Representative Gonzales is very accommodating and very enthusiastic about library services, and he is eager to help in any way possible.

    Honorary Life Membership Award: Benjamin T. Wakashige, Central New Mexico Community College Libraries

    During his remarkable and productive 40-year library career, Ben Wakashige has been New Mexico’s most influential and respected librarian. The 2003 NM Legislature, in appreciating his service as State Librarian, noted “his unique perspective, unwavering support for library issues, no-nonsense approach... sense of humor, candor and honesty...a true and good public servant willing to address challenging and unpopular issues.” Mr. Wakashige has directed a variety of libraries including those at Zuni High School, University of Albuquerque, Albuquerque Academy, Western New Mexico University, New Mexico State Library, National American University and Central New Mexico Community College. He served the New Mexico Library Association as its president, ALA Councilor and on numerous committees and has been an active board member of the New Mexico Library Foundation.

    His participation in statewide legislative and bond issue campaigns was invaluable in the success of these efforts. He has served on boards for local public libraries and literacy programs and served on the Board of Amigos Library Services for six years both as vice chair and chair. As an outgrowth of his work to establish libraries for Pueblo Indian communities, he helped found NMLA’s Native American Libraries Special Interest Group. Additionally, he has been continually involved with adult literacy, serving on the NM Literacy Coalition board.

    Outstanding Elementary School Library Award: Judy Chandler, Floyd Municipal Schools
    Ms. Chandler received her BS Ed from Eastern New Mexico University in 1992, after being a “stay at home Mom” for 18 years. She began working for the Floyd Municipal School Library in 2000 and has since received her endorsement in Library Science and K-12 Language Arts. Her hobbies include reading, playing with her 8 grandchildren and motorcycling with her husband, Jim. She lives on a farm in the small community that she serves and is active in her church.

    Outstanding Secondary School Library Award: Jolanta Feliciano, Librarian, Valley High School Albuquerque
    Ms. Feliciano started her teaching career as a classroom teacher and enjoyed every minute of it. Sixteen years ago, she moved to Albuquerque where she returned to school and to working with children. This year is her tenth year of work as a librarian and her first year as the Valley High School librarian. She says her students are the main reason for her coming to work every day, and she loves each minute of her contact with them. Ms. Feliciano says that, “my life is populated by many wonderful people; my husband, daughter, friends, colleagues, and fellow librarians, without whom my job would be difficult. Together we are too large to worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble."


    Honorary Life Membership Award: Betty Long for her long-term leadership and service to the Association. I received numerous nominations and letters of support on behalf of Betty for this, our most prestigious award. Library Amigo: Mike Andrews for his commitment to the Roswell Friends of the Library
    Community Achievement: Carol Sarath, Library Media Coordinator in the Gallup-McKinley School District, who has served as Co-chair of the NM Task Force for School Libraries for over 6 years; an active member of the Library GO Bond Steering Committee, and former NMLA Board Member
    Legislator of the Year: Joni Marie Gutierrez - House Representative for District 33 – Las Cruces/Dona Ana County, for her support of public education and on-going support of Library GO bond funding. While in office, she has co-sponsored a large capital outlay request for Thomas Branigan Public Library in Las Cruces, and has also co-sponsored several Durango and Zacatecas historical records microfilm projects for NMSU Library Archives.
    Library Leadership: Janice Kowemy for being the organizational force behind the Native American Libraries Special Interest Group (NALSIG), and service as an advocate and leader for the advancement of tribal libraries in our State.


    Outstanding Elementary School Award - Mission Avenue Elementary School, Patti Lyon, Librarian

    Mission Avenue Elementary School is 56 years old. For the past seven years, the Library has been led by Patti Lyon, a level 3 Teacher-Librarian with a Master’s degree in Education. Three years ago Ms. Lyon was fortunate to move the school’s collection into a new state of the art library. Ms. Lyon also conducted a comprehensive review of the collection. In response, the Library has seen circulation numbers skyrocket, student interest in books increase, and reading levels rise. Ms. Lyon very much appreciates how having appropriate space and technology in the library enhances her teaching and student success.

    Outstanding Secondary School Award - Zia Middle School, Las Cruces, Tina Glatz, Librarian
    The Media Center at Zia Middle School serves an awesome community of students, staff, and parents. Tina Glatz has been the proud librarian at Zia Middle School Library in Las Cruces New Mexico for six years. On any given morning, visitors to the media center will find over 100 students reading magazines, completing research projects on the computers, playing games or just hanging out discussing their favorite book with other students. Mrs. Glatz encourages students to read through Reading Quest, an incentive program that provides students the opportunity to read, discuss, and earn a pass to play “Rockband” in the media center on Fridays.

    Marion Dorroh Scholarship - Maile McGrew-Fredé, Embudo Valley Library
    NMLA College Scholarship - Rebecca Correa-Elliott, Dona Ana Community College Student & Audrey Pino, Dona Ana Community College Student

    Honorary Life Membership Award - Dr. Earl Phillips, Las Cruces Public Schools

    Dr. Earl Phillips, Director of Educational Services for the Las Cruces Public Schools, has spent a lifetime supporting libraries in New Mexico and encouraging anyone and everyone associated with libraries. He brings out the best in everyone he is associated with and never turns down a request to help with anything related to libraries. His many contributions to NMLA include terms as President and Vice President, active service to the Board, the Legislative Committee, the Advocacy for School Libraries Special Interest Group, the New Mexico Task Force for School Libraries, and the Conference Planning Local Arrangements Committee.

    At the community level, Dr. Phillips has served on several advisory committees for the Branigan Public Library and has also been an advisory member to the Library Science Program at NMSU—Dona Ana Community College. He has guided and supported initiatives such as the 2006 Library Express resource sharing program—a community-wide interlibrary loan service supporting materials exchange between the Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, the New Mexico State University Library, and the libraries of the Las Cruces Public Schools. He also paved the way for the Las Cruces Public Schools to partner with the New Mexico State University Library and other community partners in support of the NEH-funded community-wide reading program, The Big Read. He has led numerous projects for the Las Cruces Public School libraries, including planning new libraries, garnering federal funding for expanded library programming, and supporting the development of library staff. Dr. Phillips is a champion for all that libraries represent and a true ambassador for libraries and librarians in New Mexico.

    Library Amigo Award - Mr. Troy Hays, Roswell Public Library Foundation
    Mr. Troy Hays has been a member of the Roswell Public Library Foundation, Inc. since 1981. During his 27-year term on the Foundation Board, Mr. Hays has served continuously on the Executive Board in various offices, including Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, and President. He currently serves as President, an office he has held since 2002. Mr. Hays not only serves on the Board, but he has also freely and generously donated his expertise as a Certified Public Accountant to the Foundation—preparing all tax returns and financial reports required by federal, state, and local entities. He has spent countless hours quietly doing behind the scenes work in addition to his active leadership role with the Foundation.

    Mr. Thomas Mann - Capitan Public Library Advisory Board
    The Capitan Public Library, an all-volunteer and private institution, has been raising money for a building expansion for several years. Mr. Thomas Mann, a member of the Capitan Public Library’s advisory board and a retired engineer, was critical to this project. When funding for the project was secured, Mr. Mann worked with the architect to calculate a budget and shape the project to comply. Mr. Mann gave up his personal life for a year, spending long days at the construction site. He did all of this without receiving any payment for his time, effort, and expertise. The community now enjoys a beautiful 2400 square foot addition to the Library, thanks in no small part to the ongoing efforts of Mr. Mann.

    Library Leadership Award - Ms. Laurie Canepa, New Mexico State Library
    Ms. Laurie Canepa was the Regional Federal Document Librarian at the New Mexico State Library for the last 15 years until her recent promotion to Public Services Bureau Director. Ms. Canepa led the state and region in significant efforts including coordinating the writing of a state plan for federal documents in New Mexico and organizing a multi-state conference that brought together documents librarians from across the western United States for training and collaboration. Ms. Canepa's track record of innovation in digitization and online access initiatives has been recognized at the national level, including the Government Printing Office's 2005 Depository Library of the Year Award. More recently, Ms. Canepa served as lead coordinator for the State of New Mexico in a five state training initiative funded by the Institute of Library and Information Services (IMLS). Over 200 public librarians from New Mexico were trained in the use of government information essential to the lives of New Mexico's citizens and librarians.

    Legislator of the Year Award - Senator Michael Sanchez
    Senator Michael Sanchez is recognized for his instrumental and ongoing efforts in support of New Mexico libraries. Since joining the Legislature in 1993, Senator Sanchez has introduced some 22 bill and capital outlay appropriations to support projects including library expansions and renovations, material acquisitions, oral history equipment, bookmobile services, and audio/video equipment. His efforts have resulted in tangible improvements for citizens throughout Valencia County and serve as testimony to the critical role libraries play in preserving history and promoting lifelong learning.


    Alison Almquist of Albuquerque received the Honorary Life Membership Award, NMLA’s highest award. Almquist works at Zia Elementary School in Albuquerque, and she was previously employed at four other Albuquerque elementary schools and Los Lunas Middle School. She has made significant contributions to NMLA throughout her professional career, serving as president, chair of the Advocacy for School Libraries special interest group and as chair of several other committees. She also represented school librarians at the national level on the board of directors and affiliate assembly of the American Association of School Librarians.

    Susan Pinkerton of Las Cruces was awarded the New Mexico Library Leadership Award. As the director of the library science program at NMSU-Doña Ana Community College, she developed an online curriculum leading to an associate of applied science degree and a certificate of completion in library science skills. The program is recognized and highly regarded nationwide, and its graduates and students hold positions in libraries in New Mexico and beyond. Pinkerton is active in NMLA, and she has also received awards from the American Library Association and the Mountain Plains Library Association.

    State Senator Bill Payne of Albuquerque received the Legislator of the Year Award. Senator Payne has been a strong advocate for New Mexico libraries. He has supported New Mexico’s general obligation bond issues for libraries, as well as school library material funds for public schools throughout the state. He sought special capital outlay funding for the Eldorado Cluster in the Albuquerque public schools. New Mexico libraries have benefited from his support.

    Allen Stenger of Alamogordo was awarded the New Mexico Library Amigo Award for his activities with the library friends groups of the Alamogordo and Tularosa public libraries. Stenger founded the Alamogordo Public Library Foundation to raise private funding for a new library building, and has served as foundation president. He was co-chair of the bond campaign for the Alamogordo library, editor of the library friends newsletter and the membership chair for the friends. He was also active in getting a new public library and a library friends group started in Tularosa. He created and hosts a monthly radio program, “Focus on Libraries,” on KRSY-AM radio.

    Cordelia Hooee of Zuni received the Community Achievement Award. Hooee worked her way up from library aide to assistant librarian at the Zuni Public Library. After holding positions in other libraries and the publishing industry, she earned an associate’s degree in library media at NMSU-Doña Ana Community College. She was hired as the librarian at the Zuni Public Library, and is pursuing her bachelor’s degree with plans to go on to a master’s degree.

    This year, NMLA held a contest for a new logo. James Carpenter of Farmington was the winner of the $1,500 award, and his logo was displayed on a banner at the NMLA awards dinner. Carpenter’s logo design, which was submitted through the Farmington Public Library, was selected from a field of more than 200 entries.

    Debi Croney of Los Alamos received the Marion Dorroh Memorial Scholarship. Croney, who works at the Mesa Public Library in Los Alamos, is working on a master’s degree in library and information science at the University of North Texas. The Dorroh scholarship provides $2,500 for study toward an advanced degree at a library school accredited by the American Library Association.

    In addition, three awards were made from the NMLA College Scholarship Fund. Breezy Gutierrez of Anton Chico, a middle school science teacher, is pursuing an associate’s degree in library media at NMSU-Doña Ana Community College. Teresa Martinez of Peralta, who works at the South Valley Library in Albuquerque, is enrolled in the library media specialist program at the University of New Mexico. Isabel Leyba of Santa Fe, who works at the Santa Fe Public Library, is attending the library science program at NMSU-Doña Ana Community College. The NMLA college scholarships provide up to $1,500 for each award winner to pursue undergraduate work toward an associate’s degree in library science.

    The NMLA Advocacy for School Libraries special interest group announced that two New Mexico schools had received the Outstanding Library Award. Barbara Moulds accepted the award in behalf of the library at Seven Bar Elementary School in Albuquerque. The Seven Bar library, which currently has more than 18,000 titles serving 850 students, holds regular book fairs and family literacy nights. Linda Keulen of Roosevelt Middle School in Tijeras, accepted the award in behalf of the school library. The Roosevelt library is the hub of its small town, serving 500 students and hosting a variety of community events.


    The Honorary Life Award was presented to THADDEUS BEJNAR. Thaddeus Bejnar has ended up back where he began. His first library job was a volunteer shelver at the Socorro Public Library, age 10. Today, Thaddeus is Socorro Public's Reference Librarian, having returned home to enjoy his parents' golden years. While an undergraduate at USC, Thadd worked in the Education library, occasionally reshelving after earthquakes. At Georgetown law school, he wrote the library's Lexis manual, since he monopolized their only machine.

    After a detour for the practice of law at Zuni, Thaddeus returned to the fold in 1984 as Legal Research Librarian at UNM, simultaneously getting his MLIS at UT Austin. He then became the NM Supreme Court State Law Librarian and remained so for 18 years. In Santa Fe, Thaddeus worked to bring the law to the people. He lad the American Association of Law Libraries in instituting the electronic provision of court opinions, published the nation's first State Statutes on CD-ROM, and, with Records and Archives, he developed an electronic imaging system for public records.

    From his position at the capitol, Thaddeus got to draft legislation, including the NM Library Privacy Act. Nationally, Bejnar has served as parliamentarian and currently chairs the ALA Constitution & Bylaws Committee. For NMLA, Thadd co-chaired the Legislation & Intellectual Freedom Committee, was their ALA Counselor for seven years, and the bedrock of the Finance Committee. After serving two terms as Library Foundation trustee, he remains their legal consultant.

    The Library Leadership Award was given to OMAR DURANT. Although he's manager of Albuquerque Public Schools' library services, Omar Durant extends his sage influence far beyond this city. As co-chair of the New Mexico Task Force for School Libraries, Omar is articulate and enormously influential in assuring that School Library Material Funds support teacher-librarians, their collections adn programs statewide.

    As chair of the NMLA Legislation & Intellectual Freedom Committee, Durant has led the way through each G.O. Bonds cycle. He excels in fostering and maintaining productive relations with local and state representatives, thus benefiting all our libraries. Contributing from his numerous posts throughout a lengthy career at APS, Omar Durant has earned colleagues' high praise: "A leader tremendously well-respected by all!"

    KATHRYN ALBRECHT and CHERYLL HARTWIGSEN received the Community Achivement Award.

    Kathryn Albrecht is a 23-year member of NMLA. She joined the Harwood Library in Taos just as it earned bona fide "public" status. A UCLA English graduate, her administrative support post was then called "secretary/bookkeeper." She helped plan, build and outfit Taos' new public library, enjoying her paraprofessional status for the variety of its roles. Twice Albrecht was interim director in 17 years at Taos Public and co-coordinated the 2000 NMLA annual conference there.

    In a move to academia in 2001, Kathy became Head of Circulation at New Mexico Tech Library. She founded Socorro's ongoing Peace Vigil, is campus advisor to Students for Progressive Action and pens a global issues column for community newspapers. Albrecht, a State-certified Librarian I, served two terms as NMLA treasurer. Kathy's librarianship has sweetened her communities, from the back offices to the front desk.

    Cheryll Hartwigsen became the first full-time librarian at Bosque Farms Public after a dozen years teaching school. She initiated automation and building the library's second phase. She coordinated countless spaghetti dinners of 300 plates per year for that library! She then joined Los Lunas Public Schools, automating Tome and Parish Elementary libriaries as she inspired automation across the district.

    The library at the new Valencia Elementary became Cheryll's a decade ago, plus she's been "district leader" for Los Lunas' 13 libraries, publishing their Library Curriculum. Her pet project with the PTA has landscaped Valencia and built its playground. Long time member of NMLA's Advocacy for School Libraries SIG, Hartwigsen helped develop the Reading & Information Literacy Standards & Benchmarks template, powerfully impacting children far beyond her adoring community.

    NMLA Legislator of the Year was given to JANICE ARNOLD-JONES. A third-term State Representative, District 24, graduate of both Albuquerque High and UNM, Janice Arnold-Jones demonstrates a deep understanding of the import of libraries through her extraordinary legislative effectiveness. In two past sessions, Arnold-Jones secured $374,000 in capital outlays for school and public libraries.

    In this year's session, Arnold-Jones' "Rural Library Development Act of 2007" addressed materials, equipment, furniture, training and tech support for rural library staff. Additionally, it strengthened the New Mexico Group Catalog, the Magazines Online program, and advanced rural libraries' connectivity to high-speed Internet.

    This year’s Follett Award/ASL-SIG schools are:

    Conlee Elementary, Las Cruces, Librarian: Diana Youngren
    In 2000, the average age of a book here was 1981. Today, with the support of its principal, G.O. Bond monies and Title I, the Conlee Elementary collection's average age is 1995. A new library has been built! And the librarian has formed a collaborative team with the teachers in support of their curriculum. The library is now open one day a week for children's parents to enjoy, plus it now opens mornings before school for reading -- and 15 to 20 kids show up each morning!

    Silver City High School Library, Librarian: Catherine McMillan
    Five years ago, "Silver High" hired a certified library media specialist and, WOW, have changes been made! The library has improved its collection, extended its hours, opened a Media Center for classes' research, and opened its doors to the community. Now meeting @ the Library: ESL, Parent Advisory, Career & College nights, staff workshops, Special Ed, Juvenile Probation & Parole tutoring, Literacy Link tutors from the public library, and community non-profits.


    MARILYN FIFIELD received the Community Achievement Award. She contacted her public librarians, persuaded her PTA to bankroll the project, and successfully coordinated a public library visit for 265 children at Susie Rayos Marmon Elementary School.

    BERNICE BOYLE, the Library Amigo recipient, became president of the Belen Friends of the Library. Among the group’s accomplishments under her leadership are passing a $500,000 library expansion and renovation through the city council and then the 2005 Legislature. They then raised over $5,000 to aid the building fund, including the autographed Harry Potter book raffle. They have seen their Friends group grow from 50 members to over 200.

    KATHY BARCO received the Library Leadership Award. She is in her fifth year as Youth Services Coordinator at the New Mexico State Library.

    CHARLENE GREENWOOD, the Honorary Life Awardee, has been a very active member and officer both of NMLA and NMLF, and encouraged our affiliation with Mountain-Plains Library Association.

    NM SENATOR CARROLL LEAVELL was awarded Legislator of the Year. He has demonstrated a concern for education, having served on the Board of Directors for the College of the Southwest, and for 27 years the Woolworth Community Library. He was instrumental in forming the Estacado Library Information Network Consortium, and as a legislator has been a strong advocate for library funding and General Obligation Bonds.

    U.S. REPRESENTATIVE TOM UDALL was named New Mexico Library Treasure. Representative Udall was a very vocal supporter of library privacy and library records over the last few years’ debates on the USA Patriot Act. Librarians across the nation are grateful to him for his activism on this issue as well as his continual advocacy throughout the years.

    This year’s Follett Award schools are:

    Arroyo Del Oso Elementary School, Librarian: Becky Murray
    The library has evolved into a place where reading is celebrated, and research and learning are encouraged with materials that are current.

    Socorro High School, Librarian: Marian Royal

    “Prior to the spring semester of 2005, very few students utilized our library and even fewer ever checked out books. Since that time, our circulation statistics have almost tripled and library use has soared. We have no fewer than 20 students in the room and more than 50 at peak times. This is a four- to ten-fold increase from last year. “

    James Monroe Middle School, Librarian: Cristi Bikhazi

    In addition to the library's advanced literature collection, its outstanding staff and technological resources enable the JMMS Library to be exceptionally multi-functional and engaging for students as well as faculty.

    Marion Dorrah winner, Victoria Minnick
    She worked as a student aide until her graduation from NMSU in December 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History. Shortly after, she was hired full time as the Lending Librarian for the NMSU Interlibrary Loan Department. She earned an Associates of Applied Science Degree in May 2004. In August 2005 Minnick began her studies for Master of Library Science degree from the University of North Texas.

    College scholarship winner, Elsie M. Tapia
    Elsie has worked with Luna Community College, in Las Vegas, NM, for 25 years. Most of her tenure there has been in the Learning Resource Center, and cross-trained at Circulation, ILL, Reference, Library Services, Computer Lab, Acquisitions, Audio Visual Services, as well as Office Specialist for Acquisitions, her current position.


    REPRESENTATIVE RICK MIERA was presented with the Legislator of the Year Award. Representative Miera has been exceptionally supportive of school library legislation. This past session Representative Miera chaired the Legislative Education Study Committee (LESC) and served on the Public School Capital Outlay Task Force. In guiding the LESC’s work, Representative Miera has been an outstanding advocate for school libraries.

    LINDA O'CONNELL was given the organization’s highest award, the Honorary Life Membership. She has worked in libraries and with the library community for over 30 years. She has held various positions in libraries around the country. She has been the NMLA’s Administrative Services Coordinator since 1995. O’Connell stepped down as Coordinator in March of this year after 10 years of service to the New Mexico library community.

    VERONA C. THOMPSON was given the New Mexico Library Amigo Award. She began working to establish a new library in 1999 for the community of Eldorado – the Vista Grande Library. Under Thompson’s direction the library raised $19,000, which is about 21% of the library’s total annual budget.

    BARBARA VAN DONGEN, District Library Coordinator for Albuquerque Public Schools, received the New Mexico Library Leadership Award. She chaired the committee that developed the New Mexico School Library Program Standards, guidelines that all school libraries in New Mexico can follow to meet students’ needs.

    NAVAJO MIDDLE SCHOOL was given the Outstanding School Library Award.


    ELIZABETH LAEMMLE, Librarian at Mesa Public Library in Los Alamos, received the Community Achievement Award. She has worked with children’s programming including publishing the Pajarito Literary Review and sponsoring Battle of the Books.

    LORI SNYDER, Youth Services Librarian at Rio Rancho Public Library, received the New Mexico Library Leadership Award. She is well known for her skits and songs supporting summer reading programs. She also has been active on the Battle of the Books.

    REPRESENTATIVE MAX COLL of Santa Fe received the Legislator of the Year Award. Not only did he actively support the 2002 Library Bond Issue, but he was a driving force to make Vista Grande Public Library a reality. It is the first and only “Santa Fe County Library” serving 9000 residents.

    SANDRA RICHARDSON is the winner of the New Mexico Library Amigo Award. She has been an active member of the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Library Advisory Board for many years. She was instrumental in getting the Cherry Hills Library built and opened in 1998, and has successfully lobbied City Council, Mayor, County Commissioners, and legislators for increased library support.

    REPRESENTATIVE J. PAUL TAYLOR of Las Cruces received the New Mexico Library Treasure Award for his history of service to libraries and education in the state. In 1985 He received the Trustee of the Year Award while on the board of Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, Las Cruces. As State Representative, House District 33, Dona Ana County, he also received in 1989 the newly established Legislator of the Year Award for his sponsorship and backing of funding legislation for libraries.

    ELLANIE SAMPSON, newly retired from the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Library System, received the Honorary Life Membership Award. In addition to her many years of work with New Mexico Library Association as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-president, and President, she has participated on many committees both as chair and “worker bee”. She has been honored with the NMLA Community Achievement Award and the NMLA Library Leadership Award. She also participated in the New Mexico Municipal League and played an active role in legislative and bond issue campaigns.

    JOHN BAKER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and TAFT MIDDLE SCHOOL, both in Albuquerque, received the Elementary and Secondary Awards for School Libraries.


    BEN WAKASHIGE, New Mexico State Librarian, is the recipient of a special award acknowledging his outstanding efforts on behalf of libraries and librarians during his tenure as State Librarian.

    DAVID R. GILTROW, is awarded an Honorary Life Membership in NMLA for his many years of support of New Mexico libraries through his work on the New Mexico Library Foundation, his support of library legislation and most recently his dedication to the passage of Bond issue “C” through presentations, serving as Vice-Chair of the Political Action Committee.

    MELVETA WALKER, Director of Golden Library at Eastern New Mexico University, is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Leadership Award for her years of service not only to the Golden Library, but also to the Portales Public Library where she volunteers and serves on the Friends Board. Melveta’s work on various Amigos committees, the LEIAN consortium and NMCAL further demonstrate her contributions and leadership in the library community.

    CYNTHIA NAVA, Senator Nava is the recipient of the Legislator of the Year Award. Senator Nava has consistently supported library legislation. In her role as co-chair of the LESC she provided critical support for the Library Bond Bill. Senator Nava is sponsoring school library legislation, which provides for permanent funding for school libraries in the 2003 legislative session. As an Administrator in the Gadsden Public Schools she has worked hard to obtain one of the highest per capita allotments of library materials in the state.

    KATHLEEN KNOTH, Librarian, UNM Taos Education Center and Member of the Taos Public Library Board of Trustees, is the recipient of the Community Achievement Award. Kathleen did an outstanding job of coordinating the Taos GO Bond committee. She put together flyers, arranged for speaking engagements all over town and even appeared on her days off.

    DARLENE LOGAN, Instructor at New Mexico Military Institute and Member of the Roswell Public Library Board of Trustees, is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Amigo Award. Darlene chaired the committee for the successful $3.6 million dollar bond issue to expand and renovate the Roswell Public Library, served on the building committee, and chaired the Grand Re-opening committee. Darlene also actively supports the Toles Learning Center on the NMMI campus. She is a full-time advocate of libraries and intellectual freedom.

    NAVAJO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and DESERT RIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL are the recipients of the Elementary Award and the Secondary Award for outstanding school libraries.


    KAREN HACK, Certified Library Technician at Mesa Public Library in Los Alamos, is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Amigo Award for her volunteer work with the Friends. As chairperson of the Friends book resale shop, Karen spends countless hours sorting and pricing books, setting up sales, and overseeing book-store volunteers.

    BEN D. ALTAMIRANO, New Mexico Senator, is the recipient of the Legislator of the Year Award. Senator Altamirano was one of the sponsors of the State Library’s internet Access bill in 1977, has sponsored bills to help build and remodel libraries in his district and he obtained funding to replace the aging bookmobile serving the southern region of the state.

    KAREN STABLER, is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Community Achievement Award. Karen has significantly enhanced Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Services at New Mexico State university, statewide, nationwide and even internationally. Karen is widely published and always willing to share her knowledge with her colleagues both in print and in the many workshops she had conducted over the years.

    DR. KATHRYN ‘KITTY’ SHERLOCK, is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Leadership Award. Kitty’s work as a member of the New Mexico Task Force for School Libraries and instrumental in its success in developing strategies and standards for school libraries that will have beneficial repercussions for years to come.

    PAUL A. AGRIESTI, is the recipient of an Honorary Life Membership in NMLA. Mr. Agriesti is recognized for his tireless work on behalf of NMLA, as well as his outstanding service in support of the New Mexico State Library.

    GALLUP HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY was a recipient of the Outstanding School Libraries Award for a secondary school. They were the first to win this award.


    MARY ALICE TSOSIE, is a recipient of the Library Leadership Award, for her strong leadership and advocacy for all Native American libraries in New Mexico through the Native American Libraries SIG, where she has displayed enthusiasm, dedication, and the unusual ability to bring diverse people together to work with unity on a number of projects.

    NM TASK FORCE FOR SCHOOL LIBRARIES, is a recipient of the Library Leadership Award for their groundbreaking work in bringing awareness of the serious plight of NM school libraries to the attention of state legislators, school boards, administrators with librarians of every kind, and for their hard work to draft standards for school libraries that will guide schools with regards to these vital institutions.

    EDWARD C. SANDOVAL, State Representative Sandoval is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Legislator of the Year Award. He consistently supported library legislation and programs since he joined the Legislature in 1983 and during his tenure in the State Senate in 1980 to 1982. He was a foremost advocate of the 1994 Connections and Collections legislation package and was the prime sponsor of HB803, the Public Library Bond Issue. He has introduced NMLA supported public library appropriations bills and bond issues in 1996, 1998, and 2000. He has also worked for passage of appropriations for individual community libraries in New Mexico.

    PATRICIA FROEHLICH, Youth Services Director for the New Mexico State Library, is the recipient of the Community Achievement Award. She has been involved with the statewide Battle of the Books, the statewide Summer Reading programs, and the Land of Enchantment Book Award. Patricia has also been involved with the Roadrunner Reading Program, the NM Task Force for School Libraries, and the NMLA Conference Program Committee. Patricia has consistently shown leadership and enthusiasm which has enriched library services to children.


    JOSE R. ABEYTA, State Representative from District 68, is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Legislator of the Year Award. In 1999, he sponsored Housed Bill 15 that rewrote the fundamental statute governing the establishment of public library service in New Mexico. In 1994 he supported “Bonds for Books”, and he was co-sponsor of House Bill 155 that appropriated state funds to provide an electronic periodical database statewide.

    JOE SABATINI, Director of the Main Library of the Rio Grande Valley Library system is the recipient of the New Mexico honorary Life Membership Award. He has served on numerous NMLA Committees including Membership, Bylaws and Procedures, Legislation and Intellectual Freedom, and Library Development. He served as the NMLA President in 1980-81 and received the Librarian of the Year Award in 1990. He has lobbied for legislation funding community, public, school and academic libraries.

    HAL BOGART, recipient of the New Mexico Leadership Award, is a leader in statewide automation projects. Projects include: an early OCLC project that brought bibliographic applications to selected public libraries. In 1985, he linked New Mexican libraries through a bulletin board. From 1990 to 1994, he developed the Bill Locator system, and in 1994 led both the Internet project and the Native American Interne Project. In 1998, he brought statewide access to an electronic periodical database. That year he also served as Acting State Librarian.

    INGRID VOLLNHOFER, former reference librarian at the State library and Head of the Southwest room received the New Mexico Leadership Award. She initiated the following services to the State of New Mexico: a toll free 8800 number for statewide access, set standards for accuracy in answering reference questions, enlarged the newspaper collection, supported the newspaper microfilming project, and built an electronic index to the vertical file.

    ROBERT UPTON, Public Information Officer for the New Mexico State Library, is the recipient of the Community Achievement Award. He has been editor of the Hitchhiker for over ten years. Through this media he has informed the community about library issues, job openings, and most recently software and web site reviews.

    MAXINE SCHRUP, one of the founding members of the Capitan Public Library, is a recipient of the New Mexico Library Amigo Award. She was instrumental in getting financial support through donations, baked goods sales, and garage sales to help establish the public library. She became a certified librarian and
    trained an army of volunteers. After three years of her work, the Capitan Public Library serves 800 people.

    RAYMOND SCHRUP, is a recipient of the New Mexico Library Amigo Award. He helped build shelves, designed fliers, posters, forms, and advertisements for the Capitan Public Library. He donated $100 every month for the first year to help pay the utility bills.

    JENNIFER MARQUARDT, librarian at Monte Vista Elementary School in Albuquerque is this years recipient of the Winnebago Progressive School Library Award. With the money from Winnebago she will teach Internet skills through the school’s intranet. The students will not only learn to scan artwork, maps, and book characters, but will exchange information through web pages for each classroom.


    DANICE PICRAUX, State Representative from district 25 in Bernalillo County is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Legislator of the Year Award, 1999. She is a strong supporter of libraries. She sponsored the Collections & Connections legislation in 1994 and the funding of library electronics data products in 1998.

    MARY LEE SMITH, Director of the Lovington Public Library is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Leadership Award. She helped develop the Estacado Library Information Network, a regional consortium of different types of libraries. She is active in both NMLA and the New Mexico Municipal League.

    ANTONINETTE BEATTY, Director of the Rio Rancho Public Library is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Leadership Award. She was instrumental in the development of a consortial partnership with the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Library System, which led eventually in the creation of the Rio Grande Valley Library System and was instrumental in getting two major bond issues passed for the Library.

    MARGE TANSEY, Library Board member of the Farmington Public Library is this years winner of the New Mexico Library Amigo Award. She has been very active in the development and growth of the Farmington Public Library for nearly 50 years.

    LYRA GEROY, librarian at Taos High School, is the 1999 winner of the Progressive School Library Media Award. She will use the $400 to purchase software for the library’s online catalog.


    LEONARD TSOSIE, State Senator from Crownpoint, is the recipient of the New Mexico Library Legislator of the Year for 1998. Through his legislative efforts, he created a special library in Crownpoint. He has advanced the status of libraries and information technology particularly for the Native American communities.

    MARGARET CHAN BECKER, Director of the Deming Public Library, is the winner of the New Mexico Library Community Achievement Award, Her accomplishments include automating the library, improving relationships with the friends group, developing a brochure, improving the morale of the staff, improving the interior of the library, and starting a Spanish language book section and a video section in the library. She encouraged and supported her staff to become certified.

    ELIZABETH GOGGIN, volunteer at Los Alamos, is the award winner for the New Mexico Library Amigo Award. She is primarily responsible for starting a used bookstore to raise money for a variety of projects for the Library. She and her volunteers sell at least a 1,000 books per month.

    MARIAN EYER, Acoma Elementary School in Albuquerque, is the winner of the Progressive School Library Media Award. She will use the $400 to teach students how to become more effective using CD-ROM and internet resources.


    CHERYL WILSON was the 1996 recipient of the New Mexico Library Honorary Lifetime Membership Award. She has served on several state library committees including the New Mexico Conference of Libraries and Information Services Planning Conference, the New Mexico Advisory Council on Libraries, Library Systems 2000, the US Newspaper Project for the New Mexico, and the New Mexico Statewide Preservation Force. She was President of NMLA 1984-1985 initiated the mini-conference, and has served on numerous NMLA committees.

    SENATOR ANN RILEY won the New Mexico Library Legislator of the Year Award. In 1992 she successfully moved ten pieces of legislation with appropriations of $1.3 million. In her 2nd and 3rd terms, she was successful in passing the Technology for Education Act with appropriations of $3 million.

    DR. IRVING A. BUNKIN, volunteer, won a 1996 New Mexico Library Amigo Award. Dr. Bunkin is well-known for his successful and innovative fundraising activities. He established the Friends Bookstore where donated books are sold to the public and he has served as chair of the Friends of the Santa Fe Public Library Board.

    EUGENIA LEA PIERCE won a 1997 New Mexico Library Amigo Award. Through her work she helped establish the library in Eunice in 1967 and has been a member of the Board ever since. She has worked tirelessly to enhance the collection and bring art work to the library. She s a Charter member of the New Mexico Library Association Foundation.

    PAT WIBERG, volunteer from Roswell, was a recipient of the New Mexico Library Amigo Award. She is instrumental in developing the “Books on Wheels” project. She recruited 14 volunteers, developed a brochure, and did the publicity. There are 30 senior citizens that now have books brought to their homes.

    JENNIFER MARQUARDT, Librarian/Media Specialist at the Inez Elementary School won the Progressive School Library Media Award sponsored by the Winnebago Company.


    SENATOR STUART INGLE won the 1996 New Mexico Library Legislator of the Year Award. He was instrumental in getting funds for the Portales Public Library. His first bill made available funds to purchase the property and hire an architect. The second bill covered the building project, and the third bill will be for remodeling the existing building.

    STEPHEN J. ROLLINS, Associate Dean of Library Services at the University of New Mexico Library, won the 1996 New Mexico Library Leadership Award. He is instrumental in helping to automate and to network all libraries in the state. He helped negotiate a contract for 24 libraries to acquire a site license to FirstSearch. He is very active in several state organizations.

    ELLANIE SAMPSON Director of Libraries at Truth or Consequences, won a 1996 New Mexico Library Leadership Award. She is instrumental in the growth of the Library in Truth or Consequences and has actively worked with public in New Mexico. She has written successful grants to obtain equipment for the schools. She is very active in the New Mexico Library Association and served as treasurer and on numerous committees.

    JUDY ARMSTRONG won a 1996 New Mexico Library Amigo Award. For thirteen years and she still continues to write a column “ Library Topics” for the Roswell Daily Record. In this column she promotes library programs and services and prints book reviews written by the staff of the library. Her column has positively contributed to the local support of the library.

    JEANNE BENARD, volunteer from Lovington, won a 1996 New Mexico Library Amigo Award. She helped in the summer reading program, reads to nursing home residents, delivers Library materials to homebound residents, and conducts story programs. She is active in the Friends organization and has established projects and fundraising events.

    CAROL GAINES, one of the founders of the Friends of the Thomas Branigan Memorial Library in Las Cruces, won a 1996 New Mexico Library Amigo Award. She has participated in numerous ways to support library programs in Las Cruces by orienting new board members, attending City Council meetings and planning sessions for the automated circulation system and online catalogs.

    V DON WILSON, Vice-President of Instruction at New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs won a 1996 New Mexico Library Amigo Award. Through his efforts he has increased the library budget, increased the number of staff, improved their salaries, and made it possible for more internet connections.

    MARIAN EYER, Acoma Elementary School, won the Winnebago’s Progressive School Library Media Award for 1996. Her project will encourage reading, reading comprehension and provide hands-on computer experiences.


    DAVID TOWNSEND received the 1995 New Mexico Library Legislator of the Year Award. He was a prime sponsor and strong advocate for the “Collections and Connections” legislative proposal. He sponsored several bills in the House of Representatives which provided additional funding to academic, public school, and public libraries. He also introduced bills to provide funding for the Palace of Governors Library and the Rio Grande Historical Collections at NMSU. Representative Townsend is a retired History Professor from NMSU, Alamagordo.

    RUTH FARLEY, a volunteer at several libraries in the Taos area, received a 1995 New Mexico Library Amigo Award. Among many of her activities include the cataloging of materials, providing systems assistance, and clipping newspaper articles for interested people. Prior to her retirement, she worked 25 years at the Sandia National Laboratories.

    BILL FULGINITI, Executive Director of the New Mexico Municipal League was awarded the 1995 New Mexico Library Amigo Award. He helped obtain over $12 million dollars for library projects. He has been a good friend to New Mexico libraries for many years.

    GEORGIA O’KEEFFE FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY ORGANIZATION received a New Mexico Library Amigo Award for 1995. They won the award for their successful efforts on promoting literacy, fund raising, and library advocacy.

    MONTGOVERY PHISTER, a volunteer at the LaFarge Branch of the Santa Fe Public Library, was awarded a New Mexico Library Amigo Award. He prepared a spreadsheet to analyze vendor services and helped develop a database for current acquisitions.


    OCTAVIA FELLIN, retired Director of the Octavia Fellin Public Library in Gallup, was awarded the 1994 New Mexico Library Association’s Honorary Life Membership Award. When she began working in Gallup the library only had 5,000 volumes. Fifty years later there were 115,000 volumes. The Library is now the cultural hub of the city hosting exhibits of local artists and community meetings.

    SHIRLEY HOUSTON received the 1994 New Mexico Library Leadership Award. She was the school librarian in Atrisco and Navajo Elementary Schools in Albuquerque. Later she worked in the Albuquerque Public Library. In her career she has created outstanding programs to connect children to literature.

    JEANE CANFIELD, volunteer Head Librarian in Columbus, received the 1994 New Mexico Library Community Achievement Award. Her accomplishments include fundraising, weeding the collections, collecting large print and Spanish books, and initiating a summer reading program.

    JANE KALUTA, Librarian at the Embudo Community Library in Dixon, received a 1994 New Mexico Library Community Achievement Award. Her focus has been on the children of the community. She provided a story hour in the Library and read stories to students at the local elementary school. Jane has been successful in fund raising ad has earned her librarian certificate.

    VERONICA PEYNETSA, Director of Zuni Public Library, received a 1994 New Mexico Library Community Achievement Award. Her accomplishments include successful grant writing and starting the Zuni History Project where valuable materials were returned to the pueblo from the Smithsonian Institution.


    NANCY EBELING, librarian at the Dennis Chavez Elementary School was awarded the New Mexico Library Honorary Life Membership Award. She was an active member of the New Mexico Library Association for over twenty years, was one of the creators of the Land of Enchantment Children’s Book Award, and served on State Library and State Department of Education committees.

    BENJAMIN J. WAKASHIGE was awarded the New Mexico Library Leadership Award. Among his accomplishments are providing fax service for interlibrary loans and working on a project to network Western New Mexico University’s Library with the Silver City Public Library.

    HOWARD MADDOX from Bosque Farms was awarded the New Mexico Library Trustee of the Year Award. His efforts were very important for building the new library, and he gave his salary as Municipal Judge for four years to the Library.

    ANTOINETTE BEATTY, Director of the Rio Rancho Public Library, was awarded the Community Achievement Award. Her contributions include her dedicated work to pass the bond issue to build a new library. She also increased her staff to support expanded hours of service.

    JUDY ELSTNER, Director of the Estancia Public Library, received the New Mexico Library Community Achievement Award. Through her efforts she developed successful special programs to stimulate interest in reading for children from pre school to high school. Her summer Reading Program and the Scholastic Book Fair are a success. She also personally delivers books to senior citizens.

    BARBARA K. GARRISON, Director of La Cueva High School in Albuquerque, was awarded the New Mexico Library Community Achievement Award. In her school library the number of volumes increased by 57 percent. In just a few short years her library was fully automated and an indispensable service to the students and faculty.

    RICHARD RUMPF, an Edgewood resident, received the New Mexico Library Community Achievement Award. He was able to encourage local residents to donate books and journals to the public library. When the doors opened in 1991, he had collected over 800 volumes. By June of 1992 there were 8500 books.


    MARY PENLAND, retired from the Los Alamos school system, was awarded the New Mexico Library Honorary Life Membership Award for her many years of dedicated work. She was the first elementary school librarian to be President of NMLA (1980), President and Newsletter editor of NM-AECT, and conceived the idea and laid the ground work for the Land of Enchantment Children’s Book Award.

    TIMOTHY JENNINGS, Senator from Roswell in Chavez County was one of the winners of the Legislative of the Year Award.

    DAVID TOWNSEND, Representative from Alamagordo in Otero county was awarded Legislator of the Year Award.

    JOYCE ETULAIN, Librarian at the Georgia O’Keeffe Elementary School in Albuquerque was awarded the Community Service Award.

    PATRICIA IRWIN, District Media Specialist of the Dexter Schools and Albuquerque library volunteer was awarded the Community Service Award. She was recognized for her outstanding service to the students at the Dexter School District.

    KENNETH MILDER, member of the Los Alamos County Council, was awarded the Community Service Award for his support of the local library. His efforts helped to build the new library facility. He has worked to encourage improvements to the White Rock Branch Library, recommended implementation of the integrated online library system, and improved access to library services for the disabled.

    DEBBIE SEIBEL, parent volunteer to the school library, was awarded the New Mexico Library Community Service Award for her contributions to the Silver Consolidated Schools. For the last ten years, she helped catalog materials, developed bulletin boards, and assisted in preparing materials for teachers.

    PEGGY SUTER, librarian at Eunice Public Library, won the New Mexico Library Community Service Award. Among her contributions are the doubling of circulation in the last ten years and individual attention to her users.

    JAMES WALL, President AMREP Southwest, was awarded the Community Service Award for his intervention in securing land for the new Rio Rancho Public Library. The value of the land was approximately $800,000.


    MARTHA LIEBERT was awarded HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP for her long and hard work as the founder of the Bernalillo Public Library. She devoted many years of volunteer work to build a collection, find space, and solicit volunteers and financial support.

    DONALD DRESP, Library Director at the Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, Las Cruces, received the LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR award in recognition of his statewide leadership and involvement in library activities and services in such areas as library workshops, community relations, friends organizations, and civic activities.

    THELMA NORD, retired librarian formerly in charge of the Raton Public Library, received the TRUSTEE OF THE YEAR award in recognition of long service and support of the Raton community. She served as a high school librarian and teacher for many years, as a member of the Raton Public Library Advisory Board, and as an enthusiastic initiator and supporter of many library projects.


    JOE SABATINI, Albuquerque Public Library, received one of two LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS.

    LOWELL DUHRSEN, New Mexico State University Library, received the second LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD.

    CAROL KING, Albuquerque Public Library, received the TRUSTEE OF THE YEAR AWARD.


    LOIS GODFREY, retired from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, received HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP in the New Mexico Library Association.


    JOHN HADSELL, the Library Board President of Thomas Branigan Memorial Library in Las Cruces, received the TRUSTEE OF THE YEAR AWARD in recognition of his dedication to Branigan Memorial Library, Library Books '88, Trustee and Friends Round Table, and the New Mexico Friends of Libraries.

    ELLANIE SAMPSON, the Director of the Truth or Consequences Public Library, received the COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for pulling together the people and resources necessary to achieve a new building for the T or C Library, as well as her dedication to Library Books '88, and her service to NMLA.

    J. PAUL TAYLOR, State Representative, House District 33, Dona Ana County, received the newly established LEGISLATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD for his sponsorship and backing of funding legislation for libraries, and his history of service to libraries and education in the state.

    SUSAN OBERLANDER, the Director of Northern New Mexico Community College, received one of two LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS in recognition of her leadership in the LRC Council and in the establishment of the New Mexico Consortium of Academic Libraries, as well as her contributions to the causes of intellectual freedom and library education, and her service to NMLA.

    GEORGE MOREY, the retired Director of the Education Services Center, Las Cruces Public Schools, received one of two LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR AWARDS in recognition of his long-term influence throughout the state in the areas of library automation, intellectual freedom, and centralized district-level school library management, as well as his service to NMLA.

    ELINOR McCLOSKEY received and HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP in recognition of her achievements during a long career as Library Coordinator of the Albuquerque Public Schools. She has provided guidance and inspiration for school librarians throughout the state, has given emphasis to the needs of disadvantaged and underserved users, and served the library community by her work with Coordinated Library Systems of New Mexico and the many offices she has held in NMLA.


    DOLORES PADILLA, Belen Public Library, received the LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD. Ms. Padilla was cited for her work in making the Belen Public Library a cultural and social center for the community, for developing and active Friends of the Library association and for her community outreach work.

    WILLIAM RACOOSIN, former president of the trustees of the Alamogordo Public Library, was named TRUSTEE OF THE YEAR. He has been pivotal in procuring a 10,000 square foot addition to the library, as well as raising $20,000 in private donations to furnish the extension.

    ELIZABETH WACONDO, winner of the COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, has the distinction of being the first and only librarian for the Laguna Pueblo. Under her direction, the library has grown from a shelf books to 5,000 volumes.

    CELSA QUINTANA, who is retired from the Espanola Public Library, also received a COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. Mrs. Quintana was cited for her work in acquiring a new center for the library in 1978, and for her innovative programming, including a young people's filmmaking project as well as a "meet the author" program.

    JAVIER VARGAS, Las Cruces, the Dona Ana County Extension Agent, received a DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD for his contributions to the advancement of libraries as a person outside the library community.

    DWIGHT AND CAROL MYERS received HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIPS. They were honored for their unique contribution to the world of books and libraries in New Mexico, including the publication of Book Talk, a review of books about New Mexico.


    SAMUEL CARNES, Chairman of the Albuquerque Public Library Advisory Board, and RUTH SIMS, Chairman of the Bernalillo County Library Board, were awarded TRUSTEE OF THE YEAR awards, for their work on behalf of the consolidation of the two libraries into the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Library System. Mr. Carnes, an Albuquerque attorney and realtor, was the guiding force on a Mayor's Committee on Library Funding, and later on the Advisory Board, in suggesting that the merger would enhance library resources for the entire community. Mrs. Sims was one of the founders of, and was the librarian of the Bernalillo County South Valley Library, until her retirement in 1981.


    BETTY MEINERS, head librarian at Las Cruces High School since 1961, received the LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD, in recognition for her dynamic professionalism and numerous awards and activities.

    MARTHA LIEBERT, librarian at the Bernalillo Community Library (recently renamed the Martha Liebert Library), received the COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, for her role in establishing and sustaining library service in Bernalillo.

    CAROL KELLERMAN, Santa Fe High School Librarian, was recognized for winning the A.A.S.L.-SIRS Intellectual Freedom Award from A.L.A. for her role in a 1983 censorship challenge.


    BETTY LLOYD, Arthur Johnson Memorial Library, Raton, and HELEN MELTON, Carlsbad Public Library were named LIBRARIANS OF THE YEAR.

    J. PAUL TAYLOR, Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, Las Cruces, trustee, was awarded the TRUSTEE OF THE YEAR.

    JULIA HOLLIS, Librarian, Carrizozo Public Schools, was given the COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for making the school library available to the public.


    JEANNE WINKLES, director of the Lovington Public Library, was named LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR for her long-time activities in her own community and in N.M.L.A. and other library associations.

    ELINOR McCLOSKEY, Library Services Coordinator for the Albuquerque Public Schools, was granted the COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for her activities in promoting effective library service for the children of Albuquerque.

    The FRIENDS OF THE CORRALES LIBRARY group was given the TRUSTEE OF THE YEAR award for their efforts in fundraising and actual labor for the construction and expansion of the public library building in the Village of Corrales.


    LOIS GODFREY, Assistant Head Librarian at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Library, was named LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR for many activities to advance library service in New Mexico, both in N.M.L.A. and nationally in the Special Libraries Association and in the Rio Grande Chapter.

    PEGGY KELEHER, member of the Library Advisory Board of the Albuquerque Public Library for 8 years, and also active in the Friends of the A.P.L., was awarded the TRUSTEE OF THE YEAR for her activities in support of getting a bond issue to construct the Juan Tabo Branch of A.P.L.

    OCTAVIA FELLIN, Director of the Gallup Public Library, was awarded the COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for numerous civic achievements and library programs in the Gallup area.

    CALLA ANN PEPMUELLER, retiring head of the Technical Library at the Sandia National Laboratory, and Chair of the State Library Commission, was granted an HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP for a distinguished career and notable contributions to librarianship within the state.


    HESTER MILLER, Fine Arts Specialist at the Albuquerque Public Library, was awarded the first N.M.L.A. COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, for bringing a wide range of cultural events and exhibits to the Main Library.


    BERNARD JESTER, founder of New Mexico Bookbinders, Inc., was awarded and HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP for his company's contributions to the Marion Dorroh Scholarship. Mr. Jester could not attend the N.M.L.A. banquet; the award was presented to his son Phil by Laura McGuire.

    EDWARD LUJAN, long-time associate of New Mexico Bookbinders, Inc., was awarded an HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP for his participation in his company's contribution to the
    Marion Dorroh Scholarship. Jay Johnstone gave a tribute to Mr. Lujan during the N.M.L.A. banquet; Jeanne Winkles and Joe Sabatini presented the award at his home.

    PATRICIA S. TAFT, former Children's Coordinator at Albuquerque Public Library, now retired, was the recipient of an HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP. Mary Penland presented the award to Mrs. Taft during the banquet.


    ELIZABETH HENDRYSON received the LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD. She is on the staff of the U.N.M. Medical Center Library.

    OPAL LEE PRIESTLY was selected TRUSTEE OF THE YEAR, for her activities on behalf of building programs for Thomas Branigan Memorial Library, Las Cruces.


    (Beginning this year, all recipients of major N.M.L.A. awards receive inscribed Nambe pieces.)

    DOROTHY ENGSTROM ROSEN was honored with an HONORARY LIBRE MEMBERSHIP, in absentia at the conference in Farmington, for her service to New Mexico libraries, especially as a member of the State Library Commission for 12 years, 1962-74, and as chairman for three years. The award was presented to her at her home by Paul Agriesti and Lois Godfrey, President. (Mrs. Rosen died in 1981.)




    C. EDWIN DOWLIN was named LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR. He headed the New Mexico State Library from May, 1970 to July, 1977. The award was presented during the N.M.L.A./T.L.A. conference in El Paso.

    SARAH BURKSTALLER and RUTH KELLY were named TRUSTEES OF THE YEAR for their activities promoting bond issues for construction of the new Roswell Public Library.

    ELEANOR NOBLE of the University of Albuquerque received the N.M.L.A. IMPACT AWARD of $150,000 in books for her library.


    KATHLEEN M. PUFFER, Assistant Chief of Library Service, V.A. Hospital, received the N.M.L.A. IMPACT AWARD sponsored by the Prentice-Hall Publishing Co. She received $150.00 in books for her library.


    OCTAVIA FELLIN of Gallup was named LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR. Marilyn Fletcher presented a certificate "with acknowledgement and gratitude for her many years of dedication to the libraries of New Mexico", during the Socorro conference.

    SHIRLEY HOUSTON, Atrisco Elementary School, Albuquerque, received the 1974-75 IMPACT AWARD sponsored by the Prentice-Hall Publishing Co. She received $150.00 in books for her library.


    The ARTHUR JOHNSON MEMORIAL LIBRARY in Raton (Betty Lloyd, director) received the N.M.L.A. IMPACT AWARD (Innovative Methods and Procedures in Activating Community Trust) sponsored by the Prentice-Hall Publishing Co. The award was $275.00 worth of books for the library.


    WILLIAM B. O'DONNELL received an HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP for distinguished service to the libraries in the state. Representative O'Donnell sponsored the Public Libraries Financial Assistant Act of 1973 in the N.M. Legislature, and strongly supported the academic library bond issue in 1972. A framed membership certificate and membership card were presented by Joe Sabatini.

    MILDRED BARRETT was presented with the DISTINGUISHED LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR award, as she approached retirement as Assistant Director at the New Mexico State University Library. She had served as president of N.M.L.A. in 1967-68, and of the Rio Grande Chapter, Special Libraries Association in 1961-62.

    DOROTHY ENGSTROM ROSEN was presented the DISTINGUISHED TRUSTEE AWARD by Jack Worlton, in recognition of her distinguished service as a member of the State Library
    Commission, and the American Library Trustee Association, a division of the American Library Association.

    PETER HURD, New Mexico Artist, was given a certificate of appreciation recognizing his DISTINGUISHED SERVICE TO NEW MEXICO LIBRARIES for 1972-73 by Mildred Neal. He was honorary chairman of Action for Education, which supported the $10 million bond issue for academic library materials, passed in 1972.

    HELEN SAUNDERS was presented a CERTIFICATE OF OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT for activities to promote National Library Week. (The year of this award is in doubt.)


    MRS. BURTON G. DWYRE was made an HONORARY LIFE MEMBER in recognition of 30 years of service on the State Library Commission, 1945-1971, and as Chairman for the 17 years from 1954-1971. (Mrs. Dwyre died in 1980.)


    MRS. BURTON G. DWYRE received an N.M.L.A. scroll in recognition of her long service to libraries in the state, in the year of her retirement from the State Library Commission


    "First Awards Banquet" (see New Mexico Libraries, v. 3, no. 2, pp. 60-61, Summer, 1970)

    DOROTHY JENNINGS WATKINS was honored on Friday, April 17, 1969, with a day denoted as Dorothy Jennings Watkins Day at the N.M.L.A. annual conference, honoring her as she retired from her position as New Mexico State Librarian. Mrs. Helen Melton, N.M.L.A. President, announced the award and presented a scroll, an HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP in N.M.L.A., and a turquoise and silver necklace.

    HELEN FIELD REDMAN, head librarian at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, was named LIBRARIAN OF THE YEAR. A scroll and an inscribed Nambe platter were presented to her by Jack Key. The award recognized her "outstanding service to the New Mexico Library Association and to librarianship in general; the advancement of library services and sound librarianship; encouragement of New Mexico interlibrary cooperation; and effective work in interpreting to the various levels of government the problems of New Mexico libraries. This person has given service of mind and heart to New Mexico librarianship. She has given value to that we call professional."

    FLORENCE MARTINEZ was honored as TRUSTEE OF THE YEAR for her efforts in presenting the need for continued Federal funding of library programs to Senators and Congressmen in Washington, D.C., in July, 1969. (See "Mrs. Martinez goes to Washington", New Mexico Libraries, Vol. 22, No. 3, Fall, 1969). Mrs. Dorothy Rosen made the presentation in absentia because of the serious illness of Mrs. Martinez' mother.

    BERNARD W. JESTER received an award as a SPECIAL FRIEND OF NEW MEXICO LIBRARIANS. Arthur L. DeVolder made the award.


    ERNA FERGUSSON, noted New Mexico author, received a special award from the Association for her work for National Library Week.


    ANNA K. BROWN, one of the founders of the Socorro Public Library and its librarian from 1924 to 1963, was presented with the Association's first Honorary Life Membership Award on April 25, 1957, during the banquet of the N.M.L.A. annual conference in Socorro. "In making the presentation … Phoebe Harris, President, lauded Mrs. Brown for her 35 years of service to the library profession, and presented her with an orchid." (Socorro El Defensor).

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